Carfellas: Season 1

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Movies: Carfellas: Season 1 Director:  Cast: Tommie Romola, Mike DeLucia Production Co:  Genres: Reality-TV Runtime: 30 min Country: USA Release Date: 2011 
Meet Mike DeLucia -- Mikey D. for short. Mikey's definitely made some mistakes throughout his life. He's paid the price and now he's ready to make an honest buck - in the used car business. Discovery Channel's brand new series "CARFELLAS" chronicles Mikey's life at his dealership. In "CARFELLAS", reformed convict Mikey D. is joined by his crew, Tommie and Mario. These three steer the wheel of Broadway Motors, Mikey D's used car dealership in Amityville, Long Island. Mike runs the lot, is obsessed with moving inventory and generally keeps the guys in check. Mario knows cars inside and out. He's a skilled appraiser with a keen eye. Tommie, aka "5 x 5" (five feet tall and five feet wide), is the muscle of the operation with a genuine love for Cadillac's, cannoli's, and cute girls. These knock-around guys are experienced at getting money out of people. But this time they are out to make an honest living...selling used cars, Long Island style. (Source: The Discovery Channel)